Castello di Giomici - Piazza S. Atanasio 2, 06029 Valfabbrica (PG), Italia

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All the guest rooms at the castle have been renovated with the utmost care and we have used, wherever possible, the original materials. Each of the rooms have an enchanting view of the surrounding hills and the Apennines in the distance, making the Giomici Castle an ideal place for relaxing and immersing yourself in an atmosphere of times gone by. Thanks to the castle’s relative isolated location, at nightfall you can admire a magical mantle of stars in the sky; a far cry from the heavy light pollution of modern towns and cities that we are so used to today. We offer a choice of double, triple or family rooms and each room is equipped with heating and a television, as well as a luxurious bathroom with shower or bathtub and hairdryer.