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Giomici Castle is not only the ideal place for your vacation away from the stress of everyday life, but is also the perfect location for your events. Experience the thrill of a castle wedding. Celebrate your birthday party. Celebrate your child’s communion. Hold your holistic and spiritual events within the walls of this ancient castle.

That is not all though, as Giomici Castle is also the perfect place to hold your business meetings, conferences, seminars and team building activities. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Corporate events

Giomici Castle, thanks to its unique and tranquil location, is the ideal place to hold all kinds of business events: from courses and workshops to meetings and team building activities, as well as presentations and product launches.

We can also organise banquets, refreshments, gala dinners, and anything else you may need. Or if you prefer, we can simply provide you with the castle as a venue for your organisation’s event.

The castle with its nine rooms and further apartments in the village can accommodate up to 100 guests. The enchantment of the castle and its surrounding area will give a touch of exclusivity to your events and prestige to your company. Why not, for example, host your potential business partners or clients here?

We are also happy to take care of you and your guests by organising post-work activities. Excursions on foot or on horseback, visits to historical sites and towns in the area, as well as games and entertainment.

Private events

Giomici Castle provided the perfect location for your private event or party. Whether it is a ceremony such as a baptism, communion or confirmation, a birthday party or simply a reunion with friends, we have two halls that can accommodate up to 100 people. Also in the summer months you can use the gardens as well as the courtyard of the castle, with its extraordinary natural setting and its perfect acoustics. You can take advantage of the menus served by our kitchen, rely on our trusted catering or bring your own. We also have bedrooms, if at the end of the evening someone wants to stop and enjoy breakfast the following day.

And the icing on the cake is that the village is completely isolated, so in the case of a private party we try not to set time limits.

Other events

Giomici Castle is not only the perfect location for weddings and corporate events, but it is also ideal for any type of event, be it a ceremony or celebration. Birthday parties, baptisms, communions, wedding anniversaries and so forth.

The seclusion and tranquillity of the castle and its surroundings offer the ideal place for holistic and spiritual retreats, as well as yoga and tai chi classes. You will find all the serenity that you need at our enchanting castle.

The breath-taking views also transform the castle into the ideal location for painting courses. Furthermore, the availability of high-quality local products makes it possible to hold haute cuisine cookery courses and tasting sessions of typical food and wines that are produced in our area.

Please contact us regarding any event or activity that you would like to organise. With our experience and knowledge, we will ensure to make your castle experience an unforgettable one.