Wedding at the castle

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Giomici Castle offers a unique and unforgettable setting for your wedding reception, thanks to its dominant position in the Chiascio valley, its breath-taking views, as well as the beauty and charm of the castle itself and of the nearby village.

Whether you are planning a wedding for a few close friends and family or for dozens of guests, you will find the castle to be the most suitable and exclusive location for hosting your perfect wedding. The courtyard and garden will be available to you and your guests, who can also be accommodated overnight in the castle’s guest rooms or at the apartments in the village.

Allows us to realise your dream wedding through our expert wedding planners, from the decorations, to the reception, and to the preparation of the church, or if you prefer, we can simply provide you with our outstanding location for your own planners.

We can also organise tours and excursions in the surrounding areas, such as the beautiful towns of Gubbio, Assisi and Perugia. A shuttle service from Perugia airport and the train stations is also available upon request. Therefore, don’t wait any longer and contact us today for an appointment.

Wedding at Giomici

Religious weddings

Giomici is a perfect location for religious weddings as the beautiful parish Church of San Michele Arcangelo, dating back to the 12th century, is located within its walls.


Wedding at Giomici

Matrimonio Civile

Offering the same location and same advantages for both religious and civil weddings and as of 2019 Giomici’s piazzetta (small square) has been granted permission to perform official civil union and marriage ceremonies.


Wedding at Giomici

Alternative rites

It is possible – and indeed we have already had some – to organise alternative rites both in the village and on the castle grounds.


Wedding at Giomici

Medieval weddings

A new format, which we have recently launched, taking advantage of the uniqueness of our location is that of a costume wedding.