You are currently viewing Palio Di Valfabbrica 24/8/2023 to 3/9/2023

Palio Di Valfabbrica 24/8/2023 to 3/9/2023

The Palio di Valfabbrica has ancient roots and is linked to the Feast of the Crucifix due to the fact that the latter fell in September.

Throughout the event, at the 47th edition, there will be evocative medieval re-enactments of the three districts along the city streets, made spectacular by large scenery, appropriately choreographed scenes, games and fireworks (exclusively natural). In all the other evenings there are other medieval ceremonies, restored to their original solemnity, the investiture of the knights and their oath of loyalty to the district for which they compete; the torch race, popular games and evocative medieval shows.

The culmination of the Palio di Valfabbrica is the first Sunday of September, during which the most significant events take place, including the Giostra.
To give the festive atmosphere and a note of serene conviviality there is, in the evening hours and for the duration of the event, the tavern with its genuine typical dishes.