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The Marmore Falls

The Marmore Falls with its 165m, is one of the highest in Europe. It is formed at the confluence of the Velino river with the Nera river.

In 271 BC the Romans began excavating the canal into which all the waters of the swamp covering the current Rieti plain could flow, taking them to the edge of the Marmore cliff, where they would then fall with a spectacular fall.

In the following centuries, the waterfall underwent further modifications and canalizations, which determined its current appearance.

Today the waterfall has a regulated flow through locks and, at fixed times, the flow of water that forms the jump is increased, to offer a unique show to visitors.

Part of the Marmore Falls water is used for the production of hydroelectric energy.

The waterfall can be experienced through paths surrounded by lush vegetation: 6 itineraries of varying difficulty through woods, wet meadows and rich moss communities.