You are currently viewing Palio San Floriano 30/9/2024 to 5/10/2024

Palio San Floriano 30/9/2024 to 5/10/2024

The Palio di San Floriano di Jesi, at its 27th edition, is a historical event in honor of the patron saint and patron saint of the city and the Valley.

It is an important re-enactment that has its roots in September 30, 1227, of which we have the first attestation of the presentation of the Palio on the day of the Feast of San Floriano; on that occasion, Jesi imposed on the Castle of Apiro, in the diocese of Camerino, to submit.

JESI– There are also a few dozen Jesini to attend today’s Extraordinary Palio in the city of Siena; some of them were invited, the others, however, took advantage of the opportunity represented by that invitation and joined thanks to the collaboration provided by Esitur.
Let’s go in order; a delegation of the Ente Palio San Floriano Association is present at the Sienese event, hosted by the “Torre” Contrada.
The Jesino group is experiencing some of the most intense moments of the dispute of the Palio, a unique event of its kind thanks to its eight centuries of history. Present at the blessing of the horse of the “Tower” and following the contradaioli along the path that connects the district to Piazza del Campo.
For the Jesini it was certainly an unforgettable experience, which will remain doubly in their memory and in their memories. For the members of the delegation of the Ente Palio will be a further opportunity to learn some news that can be transferred to the event that Jesi lives at the beginning of May.